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Bruna's Story


 In Brazil,Pão de Queijo or Cheese bread, is very popular.When I was growing up in Bauru, Brazil, my favorite place to go with my family and friends was a restaurant which served delicious sandwiches on Cheese bread.Since  I could not find Cheese Bread sandwiches here in the U.S.,I decided to create Bruna's Cheese Bread. At Bruna's Cheese Bread we were serving sandwiches and fresh and frozen Cheese Bread bites from a food truck .We wanted to make  our Cheese bread available to more people and share part of my childhood with you so we decided to sell our frozen cheese bread  online. Create your own sandwich on my Cheese Bread,enjoy a Cheese Bread bite with your coffee, or share the buns and the bites with your whole family over a meal!. 

Bruna Piaui Graf,



 Bruna's Cheese Bread was founded on using only simple, natural ingredients. We are committed to using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients, with absolutely nothing artificial. And because our Brazilian Cheese Bread  are made with tapioca flour they are also naturally GLUTEN FREE.